Professional Data Cabling Services For Businesses And Organisations

Investment in network infrastructure has opened up opportunities for many businesses in recent years. However, this same investment has also created some challenges in making sure that company information is fully secured against the threat of outside attack.

Since the advent of powerful mobile devices, many companies have placed importance on their cabling infrastructure because it is only through the network that data can be transmitted to and from these devices. Many providers point out that this can be achieved by using switches or hubs at each end, but this does not reduce the need for a solid network infrastructure elsewhere.

What are Cabling installation services?

Data cabling is important for connecting computers, networks and servers within office spaces or large buildings. An improved data cabling service will be recommended in many situations for businesses to ensure that their computer systems can operate smoothly and without disruption. Tired or old cables should be replaced with new ones because this is an essential maintenance requirement. The correct type of cable must also be employed; this will depend on the current flowing through the wires and other factors including fire resistance.

This is provided by specialist companies that can design and install new cabling systems for businesses. Alpha Electricians Nottingham are your preferred choice. These services are available at all of the necessary stages of this process, including an assessment of the current situation, deciding on how to proceed further, installation of the cables themselves and testing afterwards.

What makes Data cabling system special?

An improved data cabling system which works correctly will enhance security in terms of communications between different parts of any business sector. It is therefore important to make sure that these factors are kept in mind when looking at upgrading networks or installing them for the first time if it is a new business .
The first thing that has to be made clear here is that you should never use wireless connections in areas where security is important . There are too many things which could go wrong with these systems to make them safe for places like company offices, server rooms or other sensitive locations .

If any part of your system fails, no matter how small , then it will force all connections to be re-routed through the remaining devices, thus creating a single point of failure. Even with automatic failover systems in place, they will not be instantaneous and during these critical moments where switching occurs, any data transmitted over the network may be compromised .

Challenges of Data cabling system

Implementing this sort of technology into your office environment presents many challenges due to the number of systems that must be catered for simultaneously. One compromised device could lead to information being lost or stolen which could significantly damage the business, so it is vital that any wireless network is both secure and reliable . This raises yet another issue because these two factors do not go hand in hand.

To ensure security, it may be necessary to manage your wireless access points individually through their own firewall rules , whereas reliability would require them all to share information freely with one another so as to ensure maximum transfer speeds . These are issues that all businesses must address when they are performing an office refurbishment.

Having said that though, wireless connections are acceptable for home use in most cases. This is because your average house or flat isn’t likely to contain enough sensitive information to pose any great threat if it were to fall into the wrong hands . They also usually contain fewer devices than an office environment which could cause problems if one of them overheats or fails due to lack of airflow. The best thing you can do when considering this sort of system is weigh up how much it will cost you in the long run, and compare that to how much it will cost if your network goes down for a day or more. This gives you some idea of the value of such a system.

Businesses should never underestimate the importance of their business data. Data networks will be responsible for transferring large amounts of data in the future, so it is vital that these systems are capable of carrying out this function reliably. The last thing you want to experience is a loss in productivity due to network downtime, particularly if this has come about as a result of your own negligence during one of your office refurbishments .

Types of Cables And Connectors

The type of cable used in each commercial cabling project must be suited to the application and environment in which it is used. To achieve a reliable data network installation it is necessary to use the correct cable and connectors. There are many types of cables used in networking applications.
While telephone cables are relatively easy to install, they might not offer significant bandwidth when coupling with high data transfer requirements. One means of increasing this capacity is to use category 5 connector cords instead of category 3 cords for all voice and data applications.
CAT5 wiring has a slightly thicker form than CAT 3 wiring but is just as flexible and can sustain higher volumes of traffic without any loss or degradation in performance. It also only requires the standard RJ-11 phone jack that comes standard on most phones, modems and fax machines so installation be easier too. In addition, voice and data can be run simultaneously on one of these cords for a more cost effective solution.

RJ45 connectors are used for both unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables and shielded twisted pair (STP) cables. UTP cables have a copper core that is twisted into multiple pairs to combat crosstalk interference, whereas STP cables use an additional layer of insulation to protect the wire twisting from external interference such as radio frequencies, power lines or other forms of electromagnetic data transfer.

In the end, it’s all about flexibility. There are many different standards that can be used depending on your specific installation or ongoing needs. If you feel like you need more support from a local electrician please contact us today!

Installation Procedure – Tools Required

The following tools may be required for the installation of a data cabling system. Each job will vary depending on which type of cable is being used, how long the cables need to be, and what equipment they are being installed into. In an average hypothetical commercial project involving data cabling there would be a range of different types of tools used. The tools would typically include:

Some common tools which can also come in useful during a networking data cabling installation include:

  • Tapes
  • String
  • Staple gun
  • Tie wraps
  • Tinning Pliers
  • Soldering Iron
  • Crimping Tool
  • Wire Strippers
  • Punch Down Tool
  • Cable Cutter
  • Shears

There are many options out there to choose from, we offer professional data cabling services and have the necessary experience and qualifications. We work with trusted brands such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, HP and Samsung to ensure you’re getting top quality service.

Our services cut across the following areas:

  • Cabling installation services
  • Short circuit investigation and analysis services
  • Design of new cabling infrastructure
  • Testing and certification of cabling infrastructures

Short circuit investigation and analysis services

Alpha Electricians Nottingham is your reliable electrical contractor for all short circuit investigation and analysis services. This contractor is able to conduct short circuit investigations, and can offer a range of services for small or large scale site reports. These services may be required in some instances where a company has been found guilty of breaching electrical safety laws. In these cases, an independent expert will need to verify that all relevant evidence is available for use during the case proceedings.

When you choose Alpha Electricians Nottingham for your short circuit investigation and analysis needs, you will not be disappointed with the results. Regardless of whether the contract is big or small, this client-focused business will meet all expectations with professionalism and reliability. We continue to deliver high quality services today.

Design of new cabling infrastructure

Alpha Electricians Nottingham – the preferred choice for electrical services in Nottinghamshire. We are an accredited business offering competitive rates on all our services. Our team is experienced in undertaking all types of work from small premises like houses to large-scale projects like airports, hospitals and more.

We offer one-stop shopping for electrical contractors that require virtually any type of service; both initial installation as well as repairs on problem areas. Whatever your requirements may be, we will be more than happy to assist you with all concerns.

We are able to design your new cabling infrastructure and carry out the installation. The whole process starts with a complete audit of your infrastructure and identifying all the requirements to ensure we provide you with the correct design for any project. We consider the following factors when designing your cabling infrastructure:

Factors we consider when designing your cabling infrastructure

Financial Planning – Developing the correct budget for your required network. We will provide you with the most cost effective solution taking into consideration all aspects of installation, configuration and functionality of any equipment.

We design our data cabling to ensure everything runs smoothly and there are no problems or disruptions with communications or computer systems around the whole building or campus. This is achieved by following a strict structured design process which enables us to understand how the building is used, providing an end-to-end solution based on performance criteria that minimizes disruption during installation and provides operational savings in maintenance costs.
We work closely with architects, contractors and facility managers throughout every step of any project; consulting with them on the best way to achieve a successful installation, efficiently and cost effectively.

Working with our customers from design stage through to completion ensures that we can offer effective solutions developed from real-world experience of working in a wide range of industrial, commercial and retail environments. We understand the pressures that owners and managers are faced with on a day-to-day basis and work to ensure their electrical services meet those demands as affordably as possible.

Availability to supply documentation for all data cabling projects is an important part of our process which not only allows us understand how the data will be used but also provides clients with assurance for any future installations or changes. In some cases it’s even possible to have remote management access if required. Contact us today to find out more about our unbeatable service and how we can help you.

Testing and certification of cabling infrastructures

Our testing and certification service of cabling infrastructures entails initial assessment, testing and subsequent certification. All electrical installations must meet the requirements of BS 7671: 2008 IEE Wiring Regulations (62000-3-2) (first issue), DPC BS 7909:2012 and also relevant parts of TR303: Issue 2 – Fire Detection and Alarm Systems – Code of Practice

What else do we do?

Our services extend to all industrial/commercial sectors such as manufacturing, industrial estates, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), leisure facilities such as hotels and restaurants, retail outlets including supermarkets; health care premises such as hospitals; educational buildings; transport terminals including motorway service areas; Data Centres etc.

For a free quote, please do not hesitate to call us. We work round the clock to ensure you get your data cabling on time!

Our priority is customer satisfaction. Once we have installed your network, we’ll provide on-going support as part of our service agreement with you. Our engineers are highly skilled in job management which means that issues are resolved quickly without any hassles.

We offer free advice for businesses either interested in outsourcing their network or those who are building one internally. Please feel free to contact us.