Electrical Fault Finding

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Electrical Fault Finding

How Does Your Fault Finding Work?

Call our professional Alpha Electricians when you find or experience an electrical fault in your home, office, retail outlet Industrial, factory or commercial premise. We will send one of our accredited electricians over to your building within a short period of time.

We will conduct a thorough assessment by using our latest electrical test equipment, correct tools and first hand knowledge in all electrical faults. We will check for faults and continuity on the problem circuits.

Once we have carried out a full examination process to track down any faults, we will prepare a valuable report with the best feedback and advice on the best repairs and way forward to fix and repair your faulty electrical equipment or circuitry

We can test a single circuit area multiple areas if needed, all depending on the actual faults detected. If we discover any sort of defects in your electrical system, we will show you exactly what the problem is and provide the necessary professional advice to rectify the issues, so you are back up and running safely and securely in no time!

What are the most popular electric faults you see?

Our professional Alpha Electricians have many years of experience and are highly-qualified to take care of all kinds of electrical testing and repair works. We can eliminate common electrical problems that our residential and commercial clients may be experiencing, efficiently and safely to keep them fully protected from all the nasty electric hazards. Some of the issues we see quite regularly are:

  • Damaged and broken sockets
  • Many different types of faulty switches
  • Faulty house lighting & Commercial lighting
  • Electrical equipment and components, like dimmer switches, modules, extractor fans
  • Connections in the wiring that are faulty that maybe need rewiring and testing
  • Faulty circuits, fuse boxes.
  • Overloading of electrical circuits

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Our Guide to Electrical Fault Finding Services in Nottingham

If you suspect an issue with an electrical fault at your home or in your workplace, then call us straight away on 555 555 555

We will then send out one of our professionally trained electricians to your premises to locate and deal with the fault swiftly!.

The procedure that Alpha Electricians follows is as follows:

  • Isolate your electrical circuit, this ensure it’s safe to work upon
  • Replace any defective or broken components or faulty damaged wiring
  • Restore all electrical power
  • Test all new items or repaired damaged work, to make sure it’s now safe and working as it should be.

Our Alpha Electrical contractors can carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) if necessary or required for you. This professional and comprehensive service will test every circuit at your premises, and the results and recommendations will be displayed on the report for your approval. The EICR report could be needed if you are buying or selling a property or moving into business premises, as it could be a requirement for the property insurance policy.