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House Wiring Installation

Rewiring a house in Nottingham: Cost to rewire a house
Alpha Electricians are Nottingham based experts in the electrical rewiring of domestic properties. Whether you have a large mansion or a one bedroom flat we have the knowledge, technical ability and certification to safely replace all your house wiring, or part rewire if need be.

If you just require extra lighting, sockets, switches or fuse boxes then we can accommodate, all our work is guaranteed and safety checked to a high standard. Just give us a call and we can arrange for one of our qualified electricians to visit your premises, assess the work involved and prepare a transparent quotation for your approval.

When would an electrical rewire be needed?

It’s amazing how many people don’t know when rewiring their homes is necessary. With a major job and expense, it may be essential for safety reasons even without any warning signs of problems with your current wiring. There are no hard-and-fast rules as wear varies depending on original materials used, age of the wiring or previous usage – so just because this might not seem like an issue now doesn’t mean that there won’t come a time where you’ll regret its neglectful status!

A periodic inspection is important for the safety and longevity of your home’s electrical system. It’s recommended that you have one every 10 years, depending on how long you have lived in the house or apartment (a rental property requires an even shorter time of at least 5 years).
A registered electrician should perform these surveys as they are able to detect any issues before they become serious problems with equipment like switches and sockets – which could cause injury if tripped by accident!

Get a Qualified Electrician to check your home electrics

Our qualified electricians will tell you if your home needs rewiring and what can be achieved within a specific budget. The best part is that we provide condition reports on all work as well, so it’s easy for homeowners to see what they’re getting themselves into before making any decisions

    What is involved in rewiring a house?

    House rewiring would involve taking out the old wiring, and installing a new electrical system. When this is done to an outdated or unsafe electrical system, it can improve your safety and make your home more energy efficient. However, rewiring a house may be expensive
    depending on how extensive the renovation needs to be. The main work of a house rewire is to remove all the existing circuits from the fuse box and replace them with new ones that will suit today’s modern needs as well as modernise the electric supply coming into your property. This means that there should not be any old fuses used as these are no longer safe because they cannot support the latest appliances, such as your dishwashers, microwaves and clothes dryers etc. You may need to call an electrician to disconnect your fuse box, remove all the old wiring and install new electrical circuits.

    House rewiring will require a lot of work, particularly if you are planning on adding more rooms in your house or renovating one of its existing rooms completely. Rewiring can be done without removing walls by placing new outlets through the wall penetrating boxes but this is only possible in houses built after 1960 because these have steel reinforcement in their walls to support additional weight added by plasterboard. If you have very old walls made of brick construction it may not be possible to add wall penetrations without digging around inside. Generally, when people talk about rewiring they mean that all or some parts of your house need renovation which means replacing all the electrical wiring in the house.

      What does rewiring a house cost usually include?

      A house rewiring job is completed over 2 phases.

      First Phase: Removal of all the old existing wiring, which is then upgraded and replaced with new wiring.

      Second Phase: The second fix involves the replacement of all your old plug sockets, switches and light fittings. New fuse boxes, testing and certification after everything is live.

        What other things could affect my rewire price?

        Everything will be taken into consideration and be listed on the quotation, here a few factors that may incur a price increase.

        • Size of your property, design and layout
        • The Quality of the electrical fitting that you require
        • Total number of sockets, switches and light fittings
        • The overall complexity of your current wiring system
        • If your property is empty at the time of installation, empty houses are much faster so will work out cheaper.

        Advantages of a new house rewire

        With a recent rewire, you can upgrade your home’s safety in both an exciting new way as well as with all of its modern conveniences. For example: adding more switches for kitchen appliances and televisions or putting together a smart wiring plan so that everything will work

        properly when they are eventually installed – even if it has been awhile since installation was last done!

        A great reason to do this is because buyers tend not only appreciate improved living conditions but also have higher expectations from homes being sold nowadays than before; just think about how much technology changes every year (computers aren’t even cutting edge anymore).

          Renovating, rewiring and building regulations

          When renovating, it’s important to keep in mind that if you are rewiring part of your home or extending an attic space for example- everything will need approval from Building Regulations BS 7671 (the IET Wiring Regulations). The new wiring must meet these standards and any existing installations running at peak capacity may require updates so they can handle all the extra load.

          Warning signs that your home needs rewiring

          You could be in need of a rewire if your home has any signs that electricity is not running smoothly. Some common warning signs include circuit breakers tripping regularly, small shocks from socket outlets and switches, occasional dimming and flickering of lights, constantly throughout the day or even when turned off at night time; damaged socket covers, wires/cables exposed, as well broken light fixtures, these are just some of the examples that we see all the time, some homes are worse than others. If this reminds you of your home, then I would call out an electrician who will investigate what work needs to done to make your home electrics safe again -and give you price estimate and likely costs for whatever repair services are required.

            Do I need to rewire my house?

            It may not be compulsory for you to do this, unless your existing electrical wiring is totally unsafe. But you can certainly add value to your pre-sale property if it’s rectified with brand new wiring prior to the sale, as any new owner would see this as a plus! Knowing they have no need to upgrade in the near future. If you are unsure of your house electrics, then please get in touch, we will be more than happy to give you advice on your electrical safety needs.

              How much does it cost to rewire a home?

              Have you ever considered rewiring your home? You might be surprised to learn that a full rewire can cost thousands of pounds, it all depends on the size of the property and the complexity of the actual rewire. We discuss the various components of electrical costs here.

              But considering our quotations are FREE best way forward is give us a call to discuss

              However if the original wiring is sound and able to carry any extra loads then this expense may be avoided completely if your existing electrical cabling is in good order and capable of taking these extra load requirements. These older wiring installations can often be upgraded by the addition of new modern consumer units. These units can be installed, tested and certified for a cheaper price than a total rewire. Also if a modern consumer unit is used to replace your old fuse box it may be necessary to improve the earth bonding installation.